1. TOWNES BOOK COVER (paul needham, copy(Photo by Paul Needham, Mohawk Visuals)

• Each artist who performs at the Catfish Concert Series plays at least one Townes Van Zandt song. These songs have been performed to date:

Rod Picott, “Tecumseh Valley”

HalleyAnna, “White Freightliner Blues,” “Delta Momma Blues,” “If I Needed You” (w/ Jenni Finlay)

Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay, “To Live Is To Fly”

HalleyAnna, “Pancho and Lefty”

Gurf Morlix, “Marie”

Matt Harlan, “You Are Not Needed Now,” “Snowin’ on Raton,” (w/ Rachel Jones), “Loretta” (w/ Rachel Jones)

Ryan Culwell, “To Live Is To Fly”

HalleyAnna, “Brother Flower”

Kathleen O’Keefe and Philip Gibbs, “Snowin’ on Raton”

BettySoo, “Tecumseh Valley,” “When She Don’t Need Me”

Curtis McMurtry, “No Place to Fall”

Lilly Hiatt, “Loretta”

Kelsey Waldon, “To Live Is To Fly”

Jon Dee Graham, “Snowin’ On Raton”

Mando Saenz and Elise Davis, “I’ll Be Here in the Morning”

Walt Wilkins, “Loretta”

Charlie Faye, Will Sexton, Finley Sexton, “For the Sake of the Song,” “Tecumseh Valley,” “Brand New Companion,” “Be Here to Love Me,” “Ain’t Leavin’  Your Love”

Randy Weeks, “Loretta”

David Olney and Sergio Webb, “For the Sake of the Song,” “Rex’s Blues,” “Snake Song”



Kent Finlay with HalleyAnna and Owen Temple, “No Deal”



JT Van Zandt, Tim Easton, Will Sexton, Betty Soo, “Brand New Companion,” “If I Needed You,” “Nothin'”

Susan Gibson, “If I Needed You”

The Hems, “White Freightliner Blues,” “I’ll Be Here in the Morning”

Matt the Electrician, “If I Needed You”

Greg Trooper, “Pancho and Lefty,” “White Freightliner Blues”

Curtis McMurtry, “No Place to Fall,” “Kathleen,” “Snake Song,” “Loretta”


James McMurtry, “Lungs”

CLICK HERE to purchase I’ll Be Here in the Morning : The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt by Brian T. Atkinson




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