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We’re pleased to join forces with Eight 30 Records and Campfire Propaganda to host our daytime showcase at this year’s Americana festival with performances by Mary Gauthier, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Tim Easton, Chris Fullerton, Matt Harlan and many more on September 15! See you in Nashville!

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(PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accommodate dogs and children under 16 at Catfish Concerts. Thank you for understanding!)


Mary Gauthier on May 18 at Catfish Concerts (Photo by Brian T. Atkinson)

We had a blast in Nashville last September as Catfish Concerts proudly presented our first show in Nashville on September 21 with James McMurtry and Steve Poltz during the annual Americana Music Association festival! The two incredible singer-songwriters performed as a part of Jenni and Brian’s event to celebrate their new book Kent Finlay, Dreamer: The Legacy behind Cheatham Street Warehouse at City Winery. Big thanks for everyone who came out to our sold out event!

Now, check out this video from our impromptu Merle Haggard tribute on April 9 featuring Kevin Russell, Randy Weeks and Noel McKay (many more videos are on You Tube – search ‘Catfish Concerts Merle’):


September 15 
Third annual Catfish Concerts AMA showcase in Nashville! Catfish Concerts, Eight 30 Reccords and Campfire Propaganda are pleased to present Mary Gauthier, Tim Easton, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Chris Fullerton, Matt Harlan, Bonnie Whitmore, Eliza Gilkyson, Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin and many more from 11 am – 7 pm on Sept. 15 at Michael Weintrob Photography Studio!

November 18
Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt
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January 27
Malcolm Holcombe
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March 17
Sixth annual Townes Van Zandt tribute!
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As always, big thanks to all our sponsors: Lagunitas Brewing Company, Enoteca Vespaio, Omnivore Recordings, Kipling’s Creations and Beeyond Honey!

“The cool thing about Catfish Concerts is that it really has the feel of when I was a kid in South Austin, except you guys are way too calm and take it way to seriously.”                             – John Townes Van Zandt II

“Catfish Concerts is among the most intimate, friendly, inspired and inspirational house concerts in the country and most likely the world. It’s like hanging out with your favorite folks in a treehouse built by your favorite uncle, the one who paints and write poems all day. I’ll tell you what I think Catfish is: a genuine piece of heaven that you can touch with your hands while you drink good local beer and listen to great songs.  Thank you, Jenni and Brian, for creating such a space and event.” – Walt Wilkins

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Note: We’re a pretty laid-back hang here at Catfish and rarely encounter any problems. However, accidents do happen. Patrons at Catfish are responsible to reimburse the homeowner for any property damage caused during a show.